FileStar Storage power exceeds 5PiB, two rounds of airdrops are about to start

2 min readNov 9, 2020

The FileStar mainnet has been online for two weeks, and the current storage power of the network exceeds 5 PiB, with 50 active miners. The FileStar network is increasing rapidly and the newly added storage power in the past 24 hours is up to 1.5 PiB. The influx of a large amount of storage power has laid a good foundation for the healthy development of FileStar.

To further encourage miners to join the FileStar network, FileStar Foundation will start a new round of airdrops to miners soon.

Airdrop objects:
Miners (query-ask) that enabled storage deal function on FileStar. For the detailed information, please refer to here.

Airdrop rules:
First, a storage deal will be sent to the miners to store the FileStar whitepaper. When the deal is successfully sealed, 1STAR will be airdropped to the miner. We hope that the FileStar whitepapers can be stored in nodes all over the world through the network.

Airdrop time:
November 16th, 2:00 PM (UTC+8)

Besides,, the exchange that has STAR listed in the first batch will also conduct the second round of user airdrops on November 10th (UTC+8). Users who hold FIL in at the specified snapshot time will receive STAR airdrops. For more details, please refer to the announcement.

With the development of the FileStar network, the technical roadmap is gradually releasing.

Filecoin miners’ storage power migration plan has been announced on GitHub and can be found here. It is welcome to make suggestions in our community.

SIP-0001, a proposal to be compatible with more devices, is also open for discussion on GitHub. The current preliminary plan is to support 8GiB sectors and reduce the number of layers of PreCommit1.

Please check the FileStar wiki on Github for more detailed information.

For more information, please pay attention to the following channels:

Official website / Browser / GitHub / Slack / Twitter / Telegram

WeChat: filestarofficial




FileStar is a physical world infrastructure that builds decentralized storage, verifiable computing, and measurable bandwidth for Web3.0 (Future Internet).