FileStar Mainnet is Live

2 min readOct 30, 2020

FileStar Web3 infrastructure is online today, and maps the computing power of Filecoin miners shortly.

FileStar’s first version of the mainnet (BigBang v1.0.0) has been released officially on Github. FileStar blockchain browser also has been launched simultaneously, and users can observe the network operation status in the browser.

This version of FileStar has eliminated pledge collateral and accordingly restored the linear vesting period to 180 days. This change reduces the pressure of miners when sealing sectors. Also, FileStar reduces the block generation limit from 10TiB to 32GiB, so the miners only need to seal a sector to generate blocks, which is fairer and more friendly to small miners.

After a lot of optimization and testing, FileStar fixed several serious bugs in Filecoin and increased the mining efficiency by nearly 70% on the latest benchmark. In terms of the economic model, FileStar has eliminated pledge collateral, has no pre-mining or private placement, and reserves funds for FileStar ecosystem development, which is more fair and friendly to miners and users. Technically, FileStar will be compatible with AMD and Intel miners and will use Recursive zk-SNARK and VRF (Verifiable Random Function) to effectively relieve network congestion, increase TPS, and reduce the pressure of miners to submit proofs under the premise of ensuring security.

FileStar is to build the physical infrastructure of the future Internet (Web 3.0). According to the roadmap, FileStar will also launch a verifiable decentralized computing network and a measurable bandwidth network to become the infrastructure of the next-generation Internet. With the launch of the mainnet, FileStar will launch an airdrop of STAR tokens shortly and map the existing computing power of the Filecoin network. So FIL token holders and Filecoin computing power providers will have a chance to get STAR tokens. For more details, please follow and the official social media.


Official Website / GitHub / Slack / Twitter / Telegram / WeChat: filestarofficial




FileStar is a physical world infrastructure that builds decentralized storage, verifiable computing, and measurable bandwidth for Web3.0 (Future Internet).