FileStar in circulation so far.

2 min readNov 3, 2020

FileStar has completed several rounds of airdrops to the community, with a cumulative airdrop of nearly 38,000 STAR.

  • Since the first mainnet went live on October 30th, FileStar currently has 20 active miners and the network has accumulated 452TiB of computing power.

According to the previous plan, the FileStar Foundation has airdropped to users in cooperative exchanges that support STAR trading and completed two rounds of airdrops to Filecoin miners.

Details of the airdrop are as follows:

  • (22:00 on October 30, UTC +8) Airdrop 0.1 STAR to the owner address of all miners with computing power greater than or equal to 10TB at height of Filecoin mainnet 191,754 and a total of 441 addresses received airdrops.
  • (22:00 on October 31, UTC +8) Airdrop 0.01 STAR to the owner addresses of all miners with computing power greater than 0 at the height of Filecoin mainnet 193526. A total of 596 addresses received airdrops.
  • (19:00, October 30, UTC +8) Airdrop 5,000 STAR to Whale Exchange users.
  • (10:00 on November 3, UTC +8) Airdrop 32,963.29 STAR to users.

As of November 3, the FileStar Foundation has airdropped 37,968.296 STAR to Filecoin miners and FIL holders of cooperative exchanges. Among them, the airdrop of STAR to cooperative exchange users comes from 1% of the reserved part of the exchanges and wallets. The airdrop of STAR to miners comes from the mining rewards obtained by the foundation startup node.

The current circulation of STAR is 48,328STAR, most of which come from airdrops, and a small amount comes from unlocked miner rewards. The part held by the foundation will be locked for one year and will be unlocked from the second year of the mainnet launch.

FileStar has no pre-mining, no private placement, and no pledge collateral for mining. The total number of STAR tokens is 2 billion. The specific distribution method is as follows:

FileStar will open more cooperation and community activities in the near future.

For more information, please pay attention to the following channels:

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WeChat: filestarofficial




FileStar is a physical world infrastructure that builds decentralized storage, verifiable computing, and measurable bandwidth for Web3.0 (Future Internet).